Each of our 6 mainstay fragrances are complex and carefully crafted. We created them with the desire to offer something for everyone, from the floral & feminine to the slightly androgynous. Our mainstay fragrances are available all year long and will always be offered in every product line!
Our signature scent, Mayfair, conjures images of an afternoon beneath the moss covered live oaks. With gentle hints of lavender, rose, gardenia, and coriander this is the perfect clean, feminine scent. Our namesake also happens to be our favorite
A nod to the tale of a love so strong even the angels in heaven are envious. With its gentle yet powerful outdoor scent of sweet grass and bamboo, combined with just the right amount of citrus and lavender, this fragrance pays tribute to an eternal love that transcends time. For a beautiful young woman, the haunting Annabel Lee.
Dark and deadly, the deep purple berries of the belladonna plant inspired this fragrance. Our nightshade scent, with its mix of jasmine, ambergris and rose, is musky and complex. This was our first fragrance, and remains one of our best. When we wear this, we feel as mysterious as its namesake.
In the spirit of its namesake, the mythological woodland maiden, our fragrance is as deep and sultry as a mountain forest. A combination of cedarwood, amber, vanilla and soft floral notes, this scent is both warm and musky. The perfect scent to connect you to the smells of nature!
Our hope is that Seville will transport you to the scene of the 19th Century Fleet Street barber’s chair, a time when gentlemen were often as much friend as foe. Both strong and subtle, our androgynous scent combines sandalwood, amber, cedarwood, lemon and bergamot, reminiscent of a fresh aftershave. Men and women alike love this fragrance.
An encounter with the goddess of fortune might bring either prosperity or hardship, depending upon chance, luck and fate. Our tribute to her is earthy and decidedly herbal, as it should be. We’ve added floral undertones, with a sprinkle of thyme (for wealth), basil (for prosperity), and sage (to cleanse negative energy). We suggest wearing this fragrance daily, to stay in her good graces